Committee Members

The responsibility for organising and running the club falls on the members of the Club Committee. Club members choose the members to serve on the committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), held in the middle of each calendar year. Your BHCA committee members for 2023-2024 are:

Position Member
President Vincent Chau
Vice President David Fuh
Secretary Rina Kouch
Treasurer Michael Q
Equipment Officer Vincent Chau (stand-in)
Recorder Irene Moser
Beginners Coordinator Leonie Chevalier
Member Protection Officer Archie Kaan

The committee convenes on the second Thursday of every month to decide on issues including, but not limited to, capital investment on equipment such as targets, member and shooting fees and re-stocking of consumables such as drinks and target faces. If there are issues that you would like to have addressed, please raise them in person with any of the committee members listed above, email boxhillcityarchers [at] or send a message to us via one of our social media channels, and we will try to have it addressed at the next meeting.

If you would like to serve on the committee, please let us know what capacity you would like to assist in and keep an eye out for the email announcing the date of the AGM. We are always looking for members willing to commit their time and energy to keeping the club running.