Covid-19 Procedures

Return to Play Plan

ALL members of Box Hill City Archers Inc. (hereafter BHCA) will be informed that the following hygiene standards and guidelines are to be maintained and followed, during the COVID-19 and any subsequent pandemic events.

BHCA members will be notified of these guidelines by email, and they will be made available on the club website and posted on the club noticeboard. The Committee will continue to liaise with Archery Victoria, Archery Australia and the City of Whitehorse to ensure we meet our responsibilities in times of restrictions caused by pandemics.

  • The guidelines issued by the federal and state governments as well as the local government authority Whitehorse City Council are to be followed at all times, especially with regard to social distancing and the number of people allowed to attend the range.
  • The guidelines and recommendations from Archery Australia & Archery Victoria are to be followed at all times, especially with regard to hygiene and maintaining social distancing.
  • Remember to wash your hands thoroughly, before and after archery.

Registering to Shoot and Signing In

  • Masks must be worn in all indoor settings, but are not required outdoors.
  • Social distancing, indoors and outdoors are encouraged.
  • All archers still sign the book. At least one registered key holder will be present at the start of each session to open clubhouse.
  • Sanitise hands before signing in/out and bring your own pen to do so.
  • Hand sanitiser will be supplied at the sign in/out book and in the storage containers members are encouraged to use it.

Archery Equipment

  • Sharing equipment is permitted, although archers are strongly advised to use their own equipment where possible. If sharing, archers are encouraged to clean the equipment between users.
  • Archers may use club bows and arrows but should wipe down contact points with hand sanitiser before and after use.

Setup and Shooting

  • It is recommended that you pack your own food and water and ensure that you are not sharing.
  • Members who feel ill are to stay home. If you feel ill on the range, please notify a Committee member immediately.
  • When participating in archery in an indoor space, the mask protocols developed and in use throughout this pandemic must now be used again for all those 8 years and over. It is unsafe to shoot a bow and arrow whilst wearing a mask. Therefore, mask on, move to the shooting line, mask off, shoot your arrows, step back from the shooting line, mask on, collect your arrows when appropriate, return to the waiting line and repeat.
  • Should an athlete attending an event (or any club activity) become aware that they may be a close or social contact of a positive case the athlete should immediately make a club official or committee member aware of their status. The entrant must then follow the Victorian Government requirements in relation to their status.
    • If they are a close contact they must immediately leave the event and the club/venue, organise for a RAT/PCR test as required and remain in isolation until such time as they have their test result. Should the test result be positive they should inform the host club/venue asap to ensure that further advice can be provided to others who may have been in attendance. As a courtesy, and to relieve the anxiety of others, advice of a negative test should also be made to the club/venue. (Note: a household, household-like or close contact is someone who has spent more than four hours with someone who has COVID-19 inside a house, accommodation or care facility.   See for full definition and information.
    • Should the athlete be advised that they are a social (or any other contact other than close contact) contact of a positive case, they should advise a club official or committee member immediately and take a RAT test. Should the test be negative, they can re-join the event and continue as normal. They should monitor for any symptoms and test as required by the Victorian Government at that time. Should the test be positive they must immediately advise a club official and then leave the event and club/venue and follow the checklists and procedures laid out by the Victorian Government. A social or other contact is defined as someone who has COVID-19 has informed you that you are their social contact, or a workplace or education facility has informed you that you are a workplace or education contact. See for full definition and information.
    • In order to facilitate the above, it is recommended that all athletes, if possible, carry a RAT with them, should they be needed.
  • Should a situation arise (advice of close contact for example) during the course of the event, the club official should take charge of the issue or refer it directly to an available committee member. The club officials involved in the situation must ensure that the issues are dealt with discreetly and respectfully with the athletes being part of the conversations taking place. Athletes involved in the situation must be open and honest in their dealings with the club official and follow all directions issued and discussed. We are all feeling our way through this current situation and honesty and respect need to come from both sides of the discussion.
  • If a club is advised of a positive COVID-19 case by an attendee at the club following the event (next day for example) the club must advise the positive case to remain away from the club as per Victorian Government directives. They must also ensure that all attendees at the club during the possible infectious period are advised that they could be a contact and are directed to the Victorian Government advice and checklist for contacts (currently ). Please be aware that this link may change in the future so seek the most current advice from the website. The details of the athlete/person testing positive should not be made available to others unless there is a clear and compelling reason to do so. Names should not be mentioned. If clubs believe that there is a clear and compelling reason to reveal the identity of those involved they should seek advice from Archery Victoria (as per below) before proceeding. Clubs should advise Archery Victoria as soon as possible of any issues related to COVID-19 including reporting positive cases and contacts. Advice can be via phone or email as per below.

If a Member Becomes Unwell

  • The BHCA COVID-19 management representative must immediately notify Council of any suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 linked with use of Council facilities (sports field/green/court or pavilion/club house).
  • Please notify the Whitehorse Council – Recreation Services Officer on (03) 9262 6371 with a follow up email:
  • Committee Members have the authority to advise a member who seems ill to leave the club/range.
  • The Committee of Box Hill City Archers Inc. retains the right to amend the above requirements in the above ‘Return to Play’ plan, according to the current changing situation/environment.