Why Membership?

A question we are sometimes asked is why we require archers shooting with us to be members. Why can’t non-members come and shoot casually?

Public liability insurance is the most significant reason. As a member organisation of Archery Australia, the national governing body for the sport, we receive the benefit of group public liability coverage for all of our members. Our annual membership fees cover the cost of this insurance. The caveat of this insurance is that the club is only protected if all archers on the range have a valid and current membership. If an incident occurs and any archer present was found to not have valid membership, the insurance would be rendered void. Note that this insurance only covers members shooting on club grounds. This does not cover members shooting at non-Archery Australia locations.

Commercial archery ranges do allow casual shooting without membership, and that is because as commercial enterprises they are not eligible for Archery Australia’s member coverage. They will have purchased their own commercial public liability coverage.

For the purposes of beginner instruction we have temporary memberships that students can sign to cover them for a 12 week period, after which they will need to sign up for a full membership to continue shooting.

Membership Candidates

All candidates should have completed a beginners’ course either with us, or at another Archery Australia club to be eligible for membership. There may be grounds for waiving this requirement, if you are able to demonstrate your understanding of safe bow handling, target range safety, and a solid understanding of basic archery technique. People that have participated in sanctioned sporting archery overseas often fall into this category. Come talk to us and shoot with us as a temporary member and we’ll see whether you’re a good fit for the club.

If you’ve completed a beginners’ course with us, you are welcome to come practice four times by yourself during our regular shooting hours. This is your opportunity to decide whether you would like to make archery a long term hobby. Please note that your temporary membership does not last indefinitely, but expires after 12 weeks from when you first signed it. The beginners course is 3 weeks, leaving you 9 weeks to use those sessions. If you would like to continue archery beyond that period, you will need to apply for membership.

If you are a returning archer who has already completed a beginners’ course elsewhere, perhaps a decade ago, we would like you to come and shoot with us for a while and see if you would like to apply for membership. When archers shoot with us on a temporary basis, Archery Australia’s rules require that they fill in a temporary membership form (for insurance purposes).

New Membership Applications

Please note that Archery Australia has recently (March 1st 2024) migrated its membership database from SportsTG/GameDay to Assemble Sports. There have been some transition issues so if you have either attempted to join or renew your membership in the period from February 25th 2024 to March 15th 2024 and are seeing membership irregularities, please contact the club and we’ll follow it up for you with Archery Australia. 

Membership is managed through the Assemble Sports platform for Archery Australia. The Assemble Sports platform is not controlled or maintained by Box Hill City Archers. Please note that the Assemble Sports platform only works from a computer web browser and does not support mobile devices.

Before beginning, make sure you understand whether or not you are eligible for membership by reading the Membership Candidates section above. Contact us if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to clear up any confusion.

  1. To apply for membership you will first need to create a user account on the Assemble Sports member portal:
    NOTE: This account is not your membership. You apply for membership by purchasing a registration. If the club declines your membership you will be refunded.
  2. Once you have created and signed into your account you will be able to find our memberships through our membership portal:
  3. You will then need to select the appropriate membership registration option. Get in contact with us over Facebook or via email if unsure.
    Some options include:

    1. Individual Senior (adult) or Junior (minors) age categories. Use these if you are joining an archery club for the first time.
    2. If, and only if, you are already a full member of another Archery Australia club, you may choose to join BHCA using an “Associate Member (Shooting)”. This registration is cheaper since you already paid for membership to the state and national bodies through your primary club. We don’t need to charge that membership a second time.
    3. Family membership packages include fee discounts. You will then need to make individual registration selections for each family member.
    4. Do not select any Life Member options. They are only for those that have been bestowed honorary life memberships.
  4. Once your selections have been made please read through any terms and conditions before completing your purchase.
  5. We will receive your application and it will be presented to the club committee for consideration.
    1. If approved, your registration will be activated and we will send you a welcome email.
    2. If we decline your application, you will be refunded.

Membership Transfers

If you have relocated into the area and we are now your closest club, firstly welcome to the area! Secondly, you can transfer your membership to our club. To do so, we would first love to meet you and make your acquaintance. Come visit us at the club and join us for a guest shoot. We’ll show you around and if you like what you see we’ll proceed from there.