Facilities and Equipment

As members of Box Hill City Archers, you have access to the benefits our facilities and equipment provide.


  • Outdoor archery range on shooting days, supporting distances from 20m to 90m. Safety cordon is set at 200m, leaving a 110m overshoot area.
  • Targets are metal framed with wheels for easy deployment and adjustment. All metal surfaces are covered by wooden facias to minimise arrow damage should the frame be struck. Butts use the Danage Domino 3HD/XHD modular system.
  • Club rooms consisting of a 10m indoor shooting/testing area. Space only usable when members are not convening within. Keyholders may access this space outside of regular shooting hours to practice at their leisure.
  • Club rooms also have a kitchenette space with microwave and toaster ovens for light meal preparation. Free tea and coffee are provided. Soft-drinks, chocolate bars and bottled water are available for purchase from the fridge. You may use spare space in the fridge to keep your lunches and snacks on shooting days.
  • Wheelchair-friendly restroom and access ramp to the field.

Equipment and Tools

We also have a variety of equipment for you to use for maintaining your bow and arrows. Please ask one of the senior members for assistance if you are unsure how to use something. Many of these tools are kept in the locked store-room and you may need to ask for them to be retrieved for you.

  • Bow Press for compound bows. A bow press compresses the bow’s limbs, taking the tension off the cables and allowing you to perform maintenance or adjustments on parts that are normally locked under tension.
  • Arrow Saw for cutting carbon and aluminium arrows.
  • Fletching Jigs for both carbon and aluminium arrows. Arizona EZ Fletch jigs. Straight fletching only.
  • String Jig for making bow strings, or holding strings while they are being re-served.
  • Serving Jig for replacing the serving on bow strings.
  • Bow Vise for attaching your bow to a workbench so that you can work on it with both hands.
  • Paper-Tuning frame for compound bow tuning. We recommend against using it for recurve tuning.