Social Competitions

We hold social competitions every week that all members are welcome to participate in. Just try to arrive on time to avoid holding people up. There’s no timer, no official judges, no director of shooting. Just a bunch of archers trying to shoot a decent score and maybe beat their nearest rival! There’s the occasional chance to win a medal or get your name on one of the club’s perpetual trophies, or the honour board.

Weekly Round and Monthly Shoot

Every weekend, we shoot the weekly round. The round is determined by the calendar, which is organised at the end of each year in preparation for the next. The scores for the weekly round are always handicap adjusted. As indicated earlier, the first round of each month is the Monthly Shoot, utilising a short range (30m or 40m) official round, intended to allow qualifying members an opportunity to join in. To enable qualifying members who may not have shot five official rounds, to compete fairly with experienced archers, we have applied a special set of rating generation rules for Monthly Shoot only.

  • Archers that have an official rating will have their handicap adjustment made using their official rating.
  • Archers without an official rating will have a temporary rating generated from at three submitted scores, including qualifying rounds.

Winners of Monthly Shoots receive a medal!

Club Championship

The Club Championship is an annual competition, spanning multiple rounds. Eligible scores are submitted on Club Championship shoot days, listed on the calendar. There are multiple awards for the Club Championship. There is a Club Champion for each equipment and gender category in the Open age group, whose names are embossed on the honour boards in the clubhouse. There is also a single Handicap Club Champion, whose name is engraved onto the handicap championship trophy in the clubhouse.

To be eligible for the Championship, at least one score for each of the following rounds needs to be submitted. Archers are encouraged to submit scores for rounds that they have already completed. Although only the best score counts towards the Championship standings, an archer may improve on their previous attempt.

Archers not in the open age groups may either elect to compete in the open category and shoot the open category rounds, or submit scores for their age group’s equivalent rounds. You can find the equivalent rounds listed on the scoring website. The standings may be viewed here: